Most families buy or rent violins from a violin shop. Violins are available from full size all the way down to 1/32 size. At the free initial appointment Edie can recommend the appropriate violin size for you and/or your child.

The following violin shops carry high-quality violins.

Schuback Violin Shop
1255 NW 9th Ave. #11
Portland, OR 97209

Geesman Fine Violins
900 SW 13th Ave.
Portland, OR 97205

Allegro Violins
3940 NW Echo Ct.
Portland, OR 97229

If you are considering buying a violin, you can ask what their policy is as you trade up through the various sizes. If you plan to rent, be sure to find out how much rent applies to purchase. (My studio has a few violins available on a temporary basis.)

Suzuki Method Violin CD

You can get the CD "Suzuki Violin School, Volume 1" (revised edition preferred/William Preucil violinist) either before you start lessons, or when you begin. Start by just playing it in the background as much as possible. The more your child listens to the CD, the faster the progress. Listening to the CD helps to develop an accurate sense of pitch, accurate rhythm, beautiful tone quality, good phrasing, and musical expression. Memorization is reinforced and rate of progress is accelerated according to how much a student listens to the CD. Most neighborhood music stores carry the CD and I can also make suggestions about where to purchase it.  It is also available at Suzuki Method Violin CD

Suzuki Method Violin Book

You can purchase the book "Suzuki Violin School, Volume 1" (revised edition preferred/William Preucil violinist) when you begin lessons, or wait until later. We will start out playing by ear in the early stages with a gradual transition to music reading later on, after establishing a good musical foundation.

Recommended Reading

"Nurtured by Love" by Shinichi Suzuki