Weekly introductory group lessons:  Learn some basic skills in a supportive and flexible environment to see if you enjoy playing the violin.  Lessons are taught using the Suzuki Method with additional songs and skills added to  make playing the violin easy and fun.  Similar ages are usually grouped together.

Weekly private lessons:  Private lessons provide one on one attention, and are tailored to the individual.  Private lessons are usually the most effective in getting off to a good start, and there is also the option of taking both private and group lessons.  Private lessons are 20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes depending on age, attention span, playing level, and family preference.  For a smooth transition to note reading, private lessons are recommended.


Weekly sibling lessons:  One way to cut down on cost is to sign up with a sibling. This can be really motivating if both are at a similar level.  If not, it is possible to take turns back and forth, or to do short lessons back to back.  

Weekly parent/child lessons:  Share the lesson time with your child.  In parent/child lessons, I usually focus most of my energy and attention on the child to keep him/her engaged.  Sometimes I teach the child during the first part of the lesson, and then I work with the parent during the remaining time.  It is also possible to teach parent and child at the same time.  I try to stay flexible and discover what works best in each situation.

Weekly group lessons:  Learn to play with other students and get extra motivation. Weekly group lessons are offered for motivation, enjoyment, and to gain experience playing with others.  Continuing classes are tailored to the level of those enrolled and may include playing in unison, duets, music reading and/or string orchestra music.

Weekly advanced ensemble: For students in Suzuki Volume 4 and above who have sight-reading skills and a commitment to practicing regularly. Repertoire includes Baroque + Classical Chamber music and string orchestra music.

Age requirement:  Children may begin lessons from age 2 on up.  Even at age 2, we start right away playing on a real violin.  Current students range in age from 2 to adult.

Recitals:  Some recitals feature children age 2 -  5, and include mostly group playing and group activities.  Other recitals are open to anyone age 2 - adult.  Each student is invited to play a solo, with or without piano accompaniment.  There are also several group pieces at each level, as well as string orchestra music.

Music reading skills:  Note-reading skills are introduced gradually from an early age to ensure a smooth transition to music reading. Supplementary materials are included to develop music reading and ensemble skills, as recommended by Dr. Suzuki.

Initial Appointment: I usually start with an introductory appointment to meet each other and especially for your child to get to know me. At this time your child can try holding a violin and playing it, and I can suggest appropriate violin size. There is no charge for the first appointment.

Enrollment:  Lessons are offered year-round, students can sign up any time, and there is no contract to continue lessons.